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Ascending by Edward Evans
Composition in Black, White and Plum by Brazilian Artist Ivanilde Brunow
Betsey Johnson and Penelope Tree by Peter Gee
60's Takeshi Kawashima Painting "NY 696"
1960s Extra Large Takeshi Kawashima Black and White Painting "NY 33"
Abstract Painting by French artish Jacques Pouchain
1950s Silkscreen by German American Artist Albert Urban
"Red Pao" Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio by Berlin artist Rolf Behm
Pietre Preziose by Italian Artist Giovanni Lombardini
Pop Goes Peter Gee, 1960, Art on Foil
"Windows at Night" by Brazilian Artist Ivanilde Brunow - mixed medium on board
Surrealistic Geometric Painting by Gianni Frassati
"Meeting Point" Abstract by Edward Evans
Otmar Alt Figurative Painting, Berlin, circa 1969
1960's Abstract Composition by Akio Tanaka
1960s Abstract Painting of a French Village by Daniel Bertet
1950's Still life by French Artist Claude Venard |SOLD
"Man and Horse" by Sergio Sarri, circa 1961
Early Original Pen and Paper Collage by French Artist Max Papart |SOLD
1970's Silkscreen Print by Prado
"Towers," Mixed Media on Board by Ivanilde Brunow
Mathieu Mategot Aubusson Tapestry, French, signed, circa 1960's
"Three Bishops" painting by Walter Lee, 1967
63"H x 42.5"W
"Polish Immigrants on Broadway" by Berlin Artist Peter Keil
1954 Henry Kallem Woodcut
Large Abstract Nude Oil on Canvas, signed circa 1960's
Massive Abstract on Paper by Peter Stevens
"Visiting Dale" by Ed Evans
XL Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton at the Save Venice Ball circa 1967
French Tapestry Hand Printed serigraph on Toile, Horse in field, circa 1970's by Cecchini
Ivanilde Brunow Hommage to Cy Twombly painting on paper 14" x 21.5"
Mastercraft Acid Etched Wall Panel by Bernhard Rohne
1910 Large French Teaching Lithograph, Life cycle of a copepod by Champenois, Paris 63" x 43"
1950's Pair of Abstract Still Lifes by Emil Weddige
Hommage to Picasso, "Trois Danseuses" on a 5' Acid Etched Copper Panel, Spanish 1960's
Ivanilde Brunow Abstract Painting on Paper
Superb Mathieu Mategot Large Aubusson Tapestry by Pinton
1940's Swedish Etching by Waldemar Sjölander
1970s Abstract by Italian Artist Francesco Fedeli
"Paris at Dusk", by Brazilian artist Ivanilde Brunow
Acclaimed artist Gerson Leiber, "Fussball, anyone, The Dogshead"  1967 etching in modern hand made frame
Impressive Tadashi Nakayama Horse Woodblock
Portrait of a Man by Uno Svensson, lithograph pencil signature
1950s Abstract Figural Portrait by Josef Presser
Whimsical French Pastel Goats on paper from the South of France
Stunning Abstract of Four Cubist Faces in Hand Carved Wood and Gilt Frame
Collage by Ida Pellei that was exhibited at the Raymond Loewy Corporation
Pair of 18th C English Baron Coat of Arms Heraldry
Massive and Fabulous Skyscraper Woodcut by John Buck 8' Tall
"S#15" Aluminum Wall Sculpture by Barbara Pniewska, circa 1960's
Superb Biomorphic Bronze Sculpture by Brazilian Artist Irene Hamar
Fabulous Biomorphic Terracotta Sculpture Large
Scale, Signed
Whimsical Dominique Pouchain Ceramic Sculpture, France circa 1980s
Milton Hebald, bronze figural of a woman 36" tall...Hebald has done 23 public monuments in NYC from Central Park to Lincoln Center
Abstract Figural Sculpture by French artist Kaj Ficaja
Important Art Deco Ceramic Sculpture by Marcel Renard circa 1920's
Eduardo Sanz OP Art Sculpture| SOLD
Extraordinary Henry Guerriero XL Lucite Sculpture circa 1970's | SOLD
Stunning Biomorphic Plaster Sculpture with Bronze Overlay | SOLD
Sculptural Brass Tubular Candlesticks in the manner of Gio Ponti |SOLD
Copper Boy's Head Sculpture in the style of Hagenauer
Ben Goo Dramatic Copper and Steel Wall Sculpture from the Frank Lloyd Wright House, New Canaan, CT circa 1960's
Maison Jansen Palm Tree Sculptures
Life Size Nude Male Sculpture made from small pieces of wood...from the private estate of Madison Avenue Fine Art Dealer Alexander Raydon, signed Matteson 1959
Marble Cubist Figural Sculpture, signed Claude
Abstract Bronze Sculpture in the Manner of Antonio Grediaga Kie
Dramatic 100 Year Old Petrified Wood Sculpture | SOLD
Sculptural 19th century gilt metal and wood chelsea gateposts from NYC
Chevallier Mixed Metal French Abstract Sculptures
70's Kinetic Wood Sculpture by Margery Goldberg
Woven Hemp Sculpture of a Woman
Abstract Orange Lucite Sculpture by Henry Guerriero
John Chiles Glass Sculptures
Pair of Murano Glass Loop Sculptues circa 1970's | SOLD
XL Peter Bramhall Glass Orb Sculpture
Norman Mercer Lucite Sculptures
Norman Mercer Lucite Cube Sculpture
60s XL Luciano Gaspari Murano Glass Block Sculpture, Signed| SOLD
60's Bronze Abstract Elephant Sculpture| SOLD
John Lewis Glass Vessel
60s Luciano Gaspari Glass Block Sculpture, unsigned
Topaz Glass Sculpture by Salviati, signed circa 1960's
Gaspari Murano Glass Sculpture Vase circa 1970's
Set of three glass sculptures by Luciano Gaspari
Murano Glass Block Sculpture by Gaspari
Murano Seguso Sculpture
Gaspari Murano Glass Sculpture, circa 1960's
Luciano Gasparis Glass Block Sculpture|sold
Norman Mercer Lucite Sculpture|Sold
Fabulous Large Scale Iron Sculpture in the manner of Paul Lobel
Sergio Bustamante Cockatoo on perch circa 1970's
Paul Wunderlich Minotaur Bronze Sculpture
"Astronaut" Sculpture by Paul Van Hoeydonck circa 1960's, part of the Frank Lloyd Wright New Canaan Sculpture
Polished Aluminum Turbine Sculpture currently on view at the Kipps Bay Showhouse Kitchen
Outsider Art Sculpture, circa 1900s hand forged by a blacksmith
Silvered Bronze Buffalo Sculpture circa 1960's
Vintage Crash Test Dummy Head on Industrial Base
Art deco Copper Animal Sculpture
Found Art...Vintage Lucite Hose Display, circa 1960's
William Fredricksen Oil Crayon and Mixed Medium Painting on Paper circa 1987| sold
1910 French Teaching Poster/sold
Cubist Figures by George Constant| SOLD
William Fredericksen Collage circa 1954|sold
Dramatic Large Scale Abstract by Ivanilde Brunow called "Sounds of Winter"|sold
"City Towers" by Brazilian Artist Ivanilde Brunow
48" x 60 " | sold
"My Memories II"  acrylic on canvas  by Brazilian Artist Ivanilde Brunow
30" x 30" sold
Abstract by Finnish artist Tuula Lukkarinen|sold
Angelo Brombo (1893-1962) listed Italian artist known for his paintings of Venice...oil on board in hand carved wood frame...SOLD
Antonio Frasconi woodblock, circa 1950|sold
Jean Picart le Doux hand printed serigraph on toile,
circa 1960's SOLD
David Porter Lucite panel, "Mohomet Second No. III, 1967"  44" x 42"
1960's Oversize Pino Signoretto Murano Vases |SOLD
German stacking sculptural candlesticks, circa 1960's, signed | sold
Sculptural Pair of Victorian Shell Spoon Warmers |SOLD
Dominique Pouchain Ceramic Sculpture
Hammered Brass Bust by Hagenauer, circa 1920's signed, whw Hagenauer | sold
Brass, sterling + turquoise swan bowl by Mexican jeweler Chato Castillo, circa 1960's | sold
Rosewood sculpture in the manner of Alexandre Noll, circa 1950's, signed. Sold
1950's Mixed Media Abstract Painting|sold
"The Bull" by artist Juan Rimsa, oil on board, circa 1960s
Portrait of a Woman by Humbert Albrizio|sold
Found Art...
crash test dummy heads on steel bases, circa 1950's | sold