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Huge 70's Accessocraft Ethnic Inspired Dog Collar and Pendant
1980's Claire Deve Bracelet, French
Early K.J.L. Pendant Necklace
Early K.J.L Fantasy Bull Brooc
Art Deco Czech Glass Beaded Necklace/Pendant
1970's Hobe Gilt and Art Glass Collar with Matching Earrings
1960's Venitian Green Glass and Gilt Metal Drop Earrings
1940's French Gripoix Pink and Green Brooch
1970's Claire Deve Necklace with matching earrings, French
Rare Trifara Early Fur Clip
1940's Victorian Revival Gilt Necklace with Turquoise Drops
Important Countess Cis Brooch
French 1960's Copper and Glass Turquoise Earrings
1960's Cadoro Necklace
Early KJL Brooch and Earrings
1980's Jean Paul Gaultier Earring, signed.
20's French Pate de Verre Necklace
Stunning Vintage Christian Dior Gilt Metal Belt
1970's Claire Deve Earrings, French
Rare 1940's French Galleon Brooch
Paris Earrings by Scooter circa 1970's